Interfaith Community Action Network of New Jersey

Our diverse faiths contain shared moral teachings.  We believe that access to safe, decent and affordable housing is a sign of a society that is committed to the common good.  We believe that Government should enact laws that promote justice, and policies that will allow people to live in the same communities that are supported and enriched by their work.  As religious leaders from all over New Jersey, we share these deeply rooted values.
We value:
Diversity in community life, and see it as a path that can lead to understanding, compassion and reconciliation.
Freedom of choice and a society that gives people opportunities to live in communities where they can experience new possibilities  for job advancement and educational achievement
Strong families, and understand that the education of children is a shared responsibility of society, not simply an expense to be avoided.
A thriving economy that acknowledges the contributions of all working people and provides resources for equal opportunity in housing, employment, and education and quality of life.
Just and fair communities in which the presence and contribution of low wage workers are recognized, and provision is made for people to live where they work.